How to Make a Minecraft Server


How to Make a Minecraft Server

Hosting Minecraft servers is a great option for players who don't have the necessary hardware resources. Hosting providers will manage the server and streamline the setup process in return for a monthly fee.

This tutorial will show you how to set up a Minecraft server using Hostinger. It covers everything from choosing the best hosting plan to setting the game panel.

Step 1. Step 1.

Hostinger offers seven Minecraft server hosting packages starting at $6.95/month and ending at $77.99/month. All VPS hosting plans include the Game Panel, one click Minecraft mod installer, DDoS protection and automatic off-site backups.

We also support major Minecraft server software mods like Spigot, CraftBukkit, and Paper. You can install any modpack.jar files with root access without restrictions.

Each hosting plan has a different amount of resources so make sure you consider your needs before choosing one. Your RAM usage will depend on how many players and mods you have added to your server.

Minecraft Wiki recommends 1GB RAM to support 1-4 players. You will need more memory if you plan on using resource-intensive mods.

Our hosting is highly scalable so you can choose any Minecraft server hosting plan and then upgrade it later. Server upgrades and downgrades are done in real time, which will prevent data loss.

Step 2. Step 2.

Log in to your Hostinger account after you have completed the purchase to start the Minecraft server setup process. Here's how it works:

1. The Setup section will display the newly purchased Minecraft server. Click the Setup button to the right. Follow the steps to complete the setup. This will include setting the root password and server name.
3. Your Minecraft server will be available from the VPS section on your hosting account homepage. Select Manage to access the Server Management area.
1. Click Start in the Server Status section to start the server. You can manage the server once the status of the server has changed from Stopped or Running.

Step 3. Step 3.

Hostinger Minecraft plans include the Game Panel control panel. This allows you to manage the game easily. These are the steps for setting up the control panel, and accessing its dashboard.

1. Scroll down to Other Settings, and navigate to the Server Management section. Verify that the operating system is Debian 10 (with Game Panel). Change it and click Save changes if it isn't.
1. Scroll down to the Notes section, under Server Status. You will find the login information to the Game Panel dashboard.
1. Click the Login Details button under the Template Details section. To open the login page, click the Login URL.
1. Enter the login details that you received from the Server Management tab. If everything goes smoothly, you'll see the Game Panel dashboard.
Congratulations! Your Minecraft server is now live. After creating an instance, you can play different Minecraft versions and mods.

How to set up Minecraft on a Linux Server

This section will demonstrate how to create a Minecraft server from a CentOS or Ubuntu machine. Ubuntu 16.04 or CentOS 7 are the minimum operating system requirements.

This setup requires root SSH access to your server. The login credentials for hosting users can be found in the Server Management area.

Step 1. Step 1.

Linux Screen allows users to access a remote terminal from multiple locations via SSH. It will keep your work session alive in the event of network problems that could disrupt the connection.

First, connect to your server using SSH (PuTTY is for Windows users). Enter the following command in the built-in terminal shell:

Important! Important! When prompted, enter username and password.

Follow the steps below based on the operating system of the server.


To obtain the latest Java version for Ubuntu, you will need a GNU Privacy Guard key (GPG) and a new repository. You can download and install Java Screen and wget using the following commands from your command line terminal.


To install Java and other software packages, run the following commands:

Step 2. Step 2. Configure the Minecraft Server

These steps will guide you through the installation of Java, Screen, wget and how to set up your Minecraft server.

1. This command will create a new folder in which to store all of your Minecraft configuration files.
1. Enter to move to the new Minecraft server folder
1. Use the wget command for downloading the Minecraft server properties file
1. Enter the following command to run the Minecraft server properties file. You can use the graphical user interface by omitting nogui
1. The server program will create an EULA file. To accept Minecraft's EULA file, open the eula.txt with the Nano text editor by entering the following:
Modify the eula value to false and save the changes.

1. Activate Screen to allow the server to run in the background. You can change the name of the server to suit your needs.
Important! Important! Make sure you use the correct version number when writing commands. Cross-check it with the official Minecraft website.

Step 3. Run Your Minecraft Server

Enter this command to run the Minecraft Java Edition server again

To run, the server needs at least 1024MB (1GB) of RAM. We have entered 1024M after Xmx and/or Xms. If your server has it, you can change the value to 2048M or more RAM.

The server will run in the background. To exit Screen, press CTRL +A, then D.

This command will allow you to re-open your Screen window.

If you need to modify server settings, use Nano to open the server properties file

To avoid any problems, we recommend that you stick with the default configuration.

How to Install Minecraft on Windows

You can set up a local Minecraft server if you don't wish to use a remote server. Your operating system will determine the process of setting up a dedicated Minecraft Server. If your computer meets the system and hardware requirements, it can be done.

These steps will help you set up a Minecraft server for Windows.

1. By pressing Win + R, enter cmd to open the command prompt Next, use the following command to check the Java version installed on your computer.
1. Java SE Development Kit 17.0.1 is required for Minecraft and its servers. You can proceed to the next step if you already have it. If not, you can download the Java installer from an authorized source.
2. Download the Minecraft Java Edition server software (.jar) from the official Minecraft webpage.
Important! When you download the server.jar file, a warning message may appear. This is normal and safe, as long as the file was obtained from a reliable source.

1. Move the.jar file to a new Minecraft server directory.
2. Double-click the file in order to generate the End User License Agreement.
3. Use a text editor such as Notepad to open eula.txt and change the eula value of false to true. Before running Minecraft, all Minecraft servers require that users agree to the Minecraft EULA.
4. In the same folder, create a text document (example:newdoc.txt).
5. To run Minecraft, open the new text file in text editor. In this example, -Xms256M, and -Xmx1G represent the minimum and maximum RAM on your server, respectively, which are used to run Minecraft.
1. Choose Save As in the text editor and change the file name from run.bat to run.bat. Keep the type set to All types
2. Double-click the run.bat Minecraft file to start the server. You may need to allow the program access to the internet through your firewall.
You can still run your Minecraft server manually if you don't want or are unable to create a Minecraft server file. Here's an example:

Next, run the command manually to execute server.jar file.

You'll also find the file in that same folder - use it with a text editor to modify your server settings such as game mode, default Minecraft port, maximum number of players, and more.

How to Make a Minecraft Server in macOS

Installing the latest Java version is required to set up a Minecraft server for macOS. Here's how it works:

1. Java is now included in macOS newest releases. You can double-check the version of macOS by entering this command in your terminal.
1. If Java is not available, you can download and install a legacy Java version from Apple's website.
2. Make a folder specifically for your Minecraft server. Next, download the Minecraft server configuration file and place it in that folder.
3. Open TextEdit and change the format to plain text (Format->Make Plain Text). Copy the following line:
1. This file can be saved as startmc.command and stored in the same directory as the Minecraft server file.
2. To run the startmc.command file, you must have execute permission. Open the terminal and navigate directly to your Minecraft folder to grant permission. For example:
1. Use chmod to grant the permission you need
1. Double-clicking the startmc.command file after the process has been completed successfully will open a new terminal window.
Pro Tip

You might see a warning about a missing file or directory. This is normal when you first start a Minecraft server.

Common Errors in Configuring a Minecraft server

You may have problems with your internet connection or configuration. These are the most common server issues and how to fix them so you and your friends can join the game.

How do I fix "This Server Responded with An Invalid ServerKey" Error?

This Server Responded with an Invalid Server Key error means that the server or the Minecraft Launcher might be out of date.

If it is your server, you can access the localhost or server address. Restart the client to see if the problem disappears.

This error is common for Minecraft servers that were started with a.exe file. We recommend installing the.jar file instead.

How do you fix "You are not whitelisted on this server" error?

A whitelist is a list of players who have access to the server. If they aren't whitelisted, even if they have the server's IP address they won't be able join the server.

The You Are Not Whitelisted on This Server error indicates that the server operator has not whitelisted the player's username. This error can be fixed by adding the player to your whitelist.

First, activate whitelist by running this command on the server console.

The following command will allow you to add your friend on the server. Replace playername with the username

Here's how to see the whitelist of players:

Pro Tip

These commands can be used in-game by starting them with a slash symbol. For example, /whitelist Add [playername].

How to Fix the "Connection Refused" Error: Connect

When a server cancels or drops a connection request, the Connection Refused to Connect error message is generated. The most common causes are a bad network connection or an incorrect Minecraft launcher version.

Here are some ways to fix this error.

Try connecting to the server using a different internet connection. It could be a connectivity problem on your part. If that doesn't work, it could be a problem with your server.
Add Minecraft and the game launcher as exceptions to the firewall list. If the error persists, you can allow Java binary (javaw.exe), to bypass the firewall.
Reinstall the client and restart your server. If you are having trouble connecting to other servers, do this.

You can further enhance your Minecraft server

Once you have set up your Minecraft server, all you need to do now is to manage and improve it.

These are some things to consider to make your Minecraft server even more powerful.

Port forwarding - Forwarding a port to your server allows users from outside your network to join the game that you're hosting.
Minecraft mod installation - There are many Minecraft mods that you can install on your server in order to improve the gameplay experience. Some are optimized for performance, while others add new mobs or gameplay mechanics.


Minecraft has been a popular sandbox game for over ten years. Its main appeal is its freedom to explore, build whatever your heart desires, and alter the gameplay.

You can create your own Minecraft server to attract people and provide multiplayer gaming experiences. Many players have turned their servers into income streams.

There are many Minecraft hosting services that allow you to host a server and play with other people. If your computer is capable, you can also run a Minecraft server locally.

FAQ for Minecraft Server

This section will answer the most frequently asked questions about Minecraft server hosting.

How can I limit access to my server to only my friends?

The easiest way to manage access is to create a whitelist for your Minecraft server. You can also choose to not port forward the default Minecraft port. You can only share the server IP address in private with friends so that only those with the IP address may join the server.

How can I protect my Minecraft server against DDoS attacks?

DDoS protection is a key feature of a web host. This will help to reduce DDoS risks. Hostinger includes this security measure as a default feature in all Minecraft plans. A third-party company such as Cloudflare can also provide DDoS protection services to protect your Minecraft server.

What is the Cost of a Minecraft Server?

Hostinger, Nodecraft and Apex Hosting offer Minecraft hosting at a cost of $2.50-10/month. The number of players you want to support and the mods you have installed will determine which plan you choose. Hosting a server for 20 players costs $15 per month on average.

Can I make money with a Minecraft server?

Yes. You can charge for game server access, become a streamer, sell cosmetics, or get sponsorships through third-party companies. In-game benefits, such as plugin functionality, commands, items, or plugin functionality, are not allowed to be sold for real money.

Can I run a Minecraft server for free?

Hosting plans for Minecraft servers are often limited in RAM and have very few features. This can lead to poor gameplay. If you already own a computer capable of running Minecraft servers, self-hosting may be more cost-effective.