Minecraft Mod YouTuber Adds Over-the-top new Enchantments


Minecraft Mod YouTuber Adds Over-the-top new Enchantments

YouTubers often use Minecraft mods to create unique content, even though they aren't essential for the game's survival. This kind of content has led to bees being transformed into Steve and Minecraft updates being created by AI. It's also the reason gravity arrows have been added to the sandbox game.

It can be frustrating to see these mods but not be able play them. However, it is worth the sheer joy of seeing Minecraft players playing Crossy Road. You don't have to play everything to be entertaining.

Mysticat decided to make their own Minecraft enchantments instead of using cars in this video. They aren't stupid, despite being described as such in the video. We actually love them. The video begins with Helicopter, a new enchantment that allows you to fly and spin around while you attack. It makes combat quite messy, but it's also a funny way to get around.

Aimbot and Vortex are two other fun arrow mods. Fishing is made easy by the Vortex arrows, which pull everything towards them while they fly through air. We love it, thank-you. Mysticat has their own take on the tree fellow enchantment idea, but they make it work for everything. It's not surprising that things break, but it's funny.

We have all the information you need to help you choose the best Minecraft mods. These mods can be used to kill some of the most adorable Minecraft mobs. Although we don't think so, we are not your father.