Minecraft Raid?

Although his YouTube rise is relatively recent, you'd be hard-pressed not to have heard of Mr Beast and his crazy antics on the social media platform. He's known for his bizarre and costly videos, whether it's buying pizza for a large family and tipping the delivery guy, throwing a rock-paper-scissors contest that has a $250,000 cash prize, or even ordering a pizza for a party to challenge a group of YouTubers to see who can keep a circle in place for the longest time to win 100,000 bucks.

He also hosts Mr Beast Gaming, a channel that combines his crazy ideas with highly-popular video games. He's a big fan of Minecraft and has created videos such as "Whatever you Build, I'll pay for" and "4 Hackers Vs 100 Players." His latest video, perhaps his most funny, features him raiding Minecraft servers with 10,000 users and watching how long it takes to crash.

At the beginning of his video, Mr Beast makes it clear that he has permission to raid the servers. The video seems more like an experiment to see how long it would take his legion to overwhelm the Minecraft worlds. He even begins with servers he bought himself, to show how long it would take his Discord fans to overwhelm servers of low, middle, high, and mega-tier. Although the results can vary, it doesn't take long before each of these highly populated worlds crashes, with more than 1,000 players sending most Mr Beast's servers offline.

To see how much damage can be done, he jumps onto the official servers and welcomes his legion of followers. Spire Network, Mr Beast's first Minecraft server, crashes quickly. The video shows 500 people joining the server in less than a minute. Void Realms is even worse with only 100 Mr Beasts fans finishing off the server.

The most important takeaway from this video is Mr Beast's community. They stayed on his Minecraft server after watching the YouTubers' video. Later in the video, Mr Beast sees that the community has created a wild world with lots of interesting objects and buildings. The YouTuber tells players that he will leave the server down so that they can keep playing in the future.