Not Authenticated with


Not Authenticated with

This guide will show you how to fix the Minecraft error "Not Authenticated With". Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios have published Minecraft, a popular video game series. It offers great gaming experiences, but you may encounter some issues and errors with Minecraft. Some users reported encountering the error "Not Authenticated With" when trying to join or create a Minecraft server. This is the complete error message:

Failed to connect with the server. Not authenticated with Minecraft

This error is known to be present on Windows 11 and 10, as well as older Windows versions. If you're also experiencing this error message, don't worry. We will be listing some possible solutions that can help you fix this issue in this post. Let us check out!

What is the reason for the "Not Authenticated With" error?

Let's first understand what might cause this error before we move on to the solution. After analyzing many user reports, we have identified the most common causes of the Minecraft 'Not authenticated with' error.

Let's now take a look at how to fix this error.

Failed to connect with the server. Not authenticated with Minecraft

These are the main ways to fix the "Not Authenticated With" error in Minecraft:

1] Log out and then log back in

Refresh your login session to resolve this problem. If you have changed the name on your Minecraft account recently, you will need to sign back in again to allow the server to recognize your new game. If you are in this situation, log out of Minecraft and then log back in to your account.

Start the Minecraft Launcher app and click on the Log out option at the top. To sign out, click on the Logout option. After you have successfully logged off your account, log back in to your account using the correct login credentials. Check if you can create or join a server with the correct login credentials. If the error persists, you can continue to this guide for further assistance.

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2] Remove Minecraft mentions in the Hosts File

The Windows Hosts file is used to map hostnames and IP addresses. If the Hosts files contain conflicting information about Minecraft or the game publisher, such as Mojang, then you may receive the "Not authenticated with" error. If you receive this error because your hosts file points to an incorrect domain, then you can fix it by simply tweaking the Hosts files.

These are the steps you need to take out Minecraft mentions in the Hosts folder:

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3] Disable/Uninstall GPN as WTFast

This error can be caused by a GPN (gamers private network) such as WTFast. Some users were affected by this error because their GPN (or equivalent software) caused interference with certain Minecraft servers such as Hypixel. If you are experiencing the same issue, disable your GPN to see if it persists.

You might have another reason why the error persists. You can then try the next possible fix to fix the problem.

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4] Use a legitimate account

If you use an account from a questionable or doubtful third-party website such as Mcleaks, Mineshafter etc, this error is likely to be displayed. To avoid this error, ensure that your account is legitimate so you can successfully join a server.

5] Contact their Support Team

Contact Mojang's official support team if none of these solutions work. Simply submit an Account Support ticket detailing the problem. Within 24 hours, they will reply to your inquiry to help you fix the problem.

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Why can't my friend join mine Minecraft world?

Firewall interference, problems with ISP, issues in friend list, corrupted accounts, bugs or other issues could be the reason you are unable to join a Minecraft World with your friend. You can fix the problem by re-adding your friend. First, delete the friend, then add them/her back to your friend list. You can also enable multiplayer games, update WIndows or Minecraft, disable your firewall and use a VPN or switch to Minecraft Java edition. These are just a few solutions.

What does it mean when it states that your connection was not authenticated?

Minecraft's error "Failed To Authenticate Your Connection" prevents you joining a server. This error could be due to a bug on the server. It could also be caused by an error in the server itself, or an internet problem. You can try power cycling your router to see if it fixes the problem. If the error does not appear, it could be due to server issues. Wait for the error to be resolved.